Microfiber due to fine fineness, greatly reducing the rigidity of the silk, made of fabric feel very soft, fine fiber can also increase the wire layer structure, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, so that the fiber within the reflected light in the surface distribution more delicate , So that it has a silky elegant luster, and a good moisture absorption and moisture. It is made of clothing, comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, has a good drape and fullness, in the hydrophobic and anti-fouling also has significantly improved, the use of large surface area and soft features can be designed to different organizational structure More to absorb the sun heat or faster to lose body temperature play the role of warm and cool in summer.

The difference between ultrafine fibers and fiber cotton

    The fiber cotton: first it is not the traditional sense of the "cotton" cotton, although called fiber cotton, but the appearance looks like cotton, in fact, it is a special ultra-fine polyester fiber materials. The so-called four-hole cotton on the market, seven holes of cotton, nine hole cotton, ten hole cotton is this fiber cotton, but the title is not the same.

    The two are different, the first from the use of it, the ultra-fine fiber with it for the fabric, sand washing, grinding and other high-level finishing, the surface of a layer of peach-like appearance, and extremely bulky, Soft, smooth, with this fabric to create high-end fashion, jackets, T-shirts, underwear, skirt pants and other cool and comfortable, sweat is not close, full of youthful beauty; foreign made it with high-level artificial suede, both like leather Appearance, feel, style, and low price; because it is thin and soft, with it made clean cloth decontamination effect is excellent, can wipe all kinds of glasses, video equipment, precision instruments, no damage to the mirror; Can be made of very smooth surface of the ultra-high density fabric, used to make skiing, skating, swimming and other sportswear can reduce the resistance, is conducive to the athletes to create good results; In addition, it can also be used for filtration, health care, labor protection and other fields The

The second from the characteristics of: ultrafine fiber performance characteristics: high water absorption, strong detergency, no hair removal, long life, easy to clean, do not fade; fiber cotton performance characteristics are: acid and alkali and low moisture absorption, Strength and elasticity poor, length, linear density and low maturity.