Polyester ultrafine fiber is a high quality, high performance, high technology content, high value-added new products. It has a much lower linearity than conventional polyester fibers, which gives it an excellent performance that is different from conventional polyester fibers, such as hygroscopic, breathable, soft, plump, elastic, fluffy and elegant.

  Polyester ultrafine fiber due to the linear density is much lower than the conventional fiber, it is different from the conventional fiber dyeing characteristics, which mainly in the dyeing rate, the amount of dye, dye lift, color depth, leveling, , Color brightness and color fastness and so on and conventional fibers are significantly different.

Polyester ultrafine fiber / imitation cotton velvet

The increase in the surface area caused by the low linear density leads to an increase in the degree of adsorption and desorption of the dye. The increase in the degree of adsorption leads to an increase in the dyeing rate, a decrease in wet fastness and light fastness, followed by a dyed fabric Color density decreased. Improve the polyester superfine fiber and fabric dyeing performance, become a very interesting topic of the enterprise.

  In fact, ultra-fine fibers in recent years, the rapid development of a differentiated fiber, known as the new generation of synthetic fiber, is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw materials, chemical fiber to high-tech, high simulation direction The development of a new representative of the new synthetic fiber.

 Microfiber, also known as ultra-fine denier. (Once the fiber fineness unit, one gram of 9000 meters long silk for the Dan, silk fineness unit is 1.1 denier). Because it is thinner than the traditional fiber, so more than the average fiber fluffy, soft touch, and can overcome the natural fiber wrinkles, man-made fiber impermeable shortcomings.

  In addition, it also has a warm, not moldy, no insects, light, waterproof and many other irreplaceable excellent features. Microfiber varieties are ultra-fine denier viscose silk, ultra-fine denier nylon silk, ultra-fine polyester fiber, ultra-fine denier polypropylene fiber, and so on.